Crash on exit if use menu?


Am I the only person for whom Interface crashes on exit if I’ve used the menu?

I can run Interface and do things like Ctrl-J to show the running scripts dialog and Ctrl-Shift-L to show the log window, and when I exit Interface it exits cleanly.

But if I run Interface and even just click on the “File” Menu item, and click it again to close the menu, then when I exit Interface by clicking on the “x” top right of window it crashes?

I’m running on Windows 8.1.


You are not alone in this matter. The crash also often happens when an update is presented. Click on cancel and watch the sparks fly. (Windows 10 Pro)


I don’t get a crash if I click on Cancel for an update on Windows 8.1 … I can continue using Interface OK and exit cleanly (as long as I don’t use the menu).


It doesn’t happen every time. The crash chance is around 30%


I see same - both in menu (not consistent – maybe 1:10 crash:no crash) and update cases. In case of update it seems time related - if I actually ready change log and take more than a couple seconds it crashes, if I immediately hit update button it usually closes cleanly.