Crash when people arrive next to me


I notice i crash a lot when people arrive in the domain near me on windows
is anyone else getting that?
when it happens i cant log back in without crashing 5 or 6 times

would help if you crash in a location then u tp back to a safe spot


I too would like a feature where we could set a safe location, like a home location where we will by default travel back to unless we specify to go back to our previous destination


what are we seeking refuge from, post crash?


I get something very similar, when I tp into a domain with a lot of people I crash, then it takes me 6 or more times trying to log back in, I get a white screen, then I get in for a second and crash, then I get the white screen again and so on.

Eventually I log in and everything just seems to be ok.


Try losing the ass ears :wink:


Still getting this crash around groups of people


Is that why you spontanic dissapeared a while ago.
But on the lst meeting i think it happend to me to.
Am crashing on other things.


I crash when I:

  • use shift right or left arrow to straff horizontally (wish I could
    still do this vertically)
  • When I take a snapshot
  • Often when I try to edit something, especially if trying to expand proportions using a corner grab-handle