Crashes on windows


I keep on crashing on my windows machine.

In the debug console it sais UNEXPECTED: readElementDataFromBuffer() only had 1 bytes before masks. Not enough meaningful data.

Is seems to crash on execptioncode c0000409,
google sais it ‘If this parameter is c0000409, the problem is a /GS-related fault’

It happens at various spot on my placename ‘dutch’ , around position 597,38,819 and always in the bar model somewhere else on dutch


Seems fine for me, your running build 1776 ?


Hey @MarcelEdward I had a problem like this under a certain circumstance. I want to see if its the same for you so either hit me up here or on Gitter (I am nbq) or in world. I think this is a problem with networking.

Try this first to see though:

Go into your domains web control panel, set networking to full. (as in http://localhost:40100 or whatever its ip is)
Now go to and put the EXACT IP to your machine running your stack manager (DS/AC).

Once those two are done see if that helps you fix the not loading there (as I see it also on my end but do not crash).


Nods I am on latest build and windows is updated.

@coal I doubt it is a networking problem, got the correct ip in. the crashes also happen when I put the netwoking to full networking.

I can go to my domain, fly around, do things … but when I fly to certain point, interface crashes.

This seems to be the message causing the crash:

With the window popup for error c0000409, I have not really got a clue what this means.
Something with GS wich seems to relate to such posts


@MarcelEdward I just want to be sure of two things.

  1. On your domain-server settings, you have networking set to full
  2. On the page I listed for the page where you configure domains on, have you set the exact public IP of the machine that is hosting the stack?

I do understand what you are saying though but it does replicate something I experienced that oddly enough came down to those two settings needing to be in sync.

I do understand what you are saying though, I just wanted to confirm.


Yes the automatic networking is set to full and the ip address is set to the correct ip adres.


@MarcelEdward - Ok, well here is one of the ways I fixed this problem for you (hope to see it was fixed to you), is that the fbx that your floating island referenced was bugged and more than likely they removed it.

Here is what I did -

Went to your domain and saw this in the logs (which did not show up before)

  • [DEBUG] [01/18 21:03:11] "Error downloading Island/floating_island2.7.fbx - server replied: Not Found"

Knowing the problem could be fixed by putting the proper floating island fbx reference in place, I edited your entity and pointed it to here (below) and it works now


Let me know if you are still crashing or having errors and if so, what is the exact spot?


@Coal I amfraid that did not fix it.

Still keep crashing.
Could it be related to the heightmap ?

now I got a c0000005 in the windows popup, google sais that is probably cause interface is trying to access a place in memory to whom it does not have rights.