Crashing repeatedly with Windows - NOT related to the joint data crash


So - I’m going to take a shot in dark and outline my ongoing crash - if someone on programming side wants to help guide me to a setup for getting debugging data on this, I’m ready.

Here’s the setup. Agent comes to a location with content. Immediately start rotating av to view scene. GUI portion of interface freezes - console shows two messages - Killed Entity Server and Killed Avatar Mixer, but this is NOT a server side crash of either process. Neither ES or AM die on server side.

If you rotate slowly or in small steps with pauses it seems to happen less often. Even once all entities in scene have been resolved/seen moving (too) quickly thorough scene leads to crash. An alternate form of this crash is same as above except instead of Interface GUI freezing - the entire application crashes.

This began around 3 weeks ago and has gotten progressively worse - all my drivers are up to date and I’m not experiencing any issues in other (actually far more) graphics heavy software. I’ve seen others crash in same location once they began moving about as well. In all cases users have been on Windows and running better than average graphics hardware. Setup #1 here is Windows 7.1 64 Bit Nvidia GTX660M graphics card, Setup #2 is same other than having dual GTX680M graphics cards. Setup #3 is same but with Intel 4000 integrated graphics. All respond exactly same other than having differing frame rates before crashing.


@OmegaHeron what windows version are you on? Also, is this on a particular domain?


It’s pretty much anywhere I go that has anything more than very basic content.


And I just crashed again trying to turn to look your your AV @chris.


The only thing i noticed today is a more unstable framerate. especially when you rotate you see it drop soemtimes by 50%


I’ve seen that as well -also sometimes after doing an entity edit the framerate drops to 10 or less and doesn’t recover until interface is restarted, but that seems another bug to chase vs the on in this thread.


Thanks to @ctrlaltdavid - stack traces from his being able to reproduce issue have been posted in thread;


I’m crashing most often when I rotate, also on Windows.
What’s the best data I could submit for diagnosis and where?


Stack traces have been collected and my understanding is a fix is in the works.

#10 @chris


@judas could you grab that video while also showing your RAM going up? Thanks for doing this.