Crashing when turning around


Hello you lovely folks,

I’m having an issue on my domain, it has literally like 8 assets on there and I’ve been creating fine all day. I reload and whenever I turn around after launch it crashes, when I just walk forth it’s fine. I’ve deleted everything that I thought could be the issue, namely light and a mirror and have reset my ‘photorealistic’ avatar but I’m still getting the issue whenever I turn around.
Edit: I’ve restored to the point it was last working and I’m still getting the same issue.

Any ideas? Here are the logs:

Domain is: pink-program-126


Don’t turn around

Only on your domain?
Did you try resetting to defaults?


Loool I wish that could work for me.

Yeah I’ve tried resetting my settings when prompted on start up, as it noticed I crashed. Is there any further way to do this or is this what you’re referring to?


So restoring from an earlier backup doesn’t work, but I deleted everything from the asset server (not list) then restored back up and for some peculiar reason that has worked.