Crazy thinking - Augmented Reality and HF


HF’s voxel-tree design lends itself to representing massive worlds, one of which could be our own world. Hangouts could be defined in HF’s “planet earth”, that would superimpose onto the real world if you were wearing the right augmented reality glasses. Kind of like Google Earth but more interactive and creative.

Would raise some cool economic/political issues, like if coca cola owned all the neon in Times Square, but Pepsi bought the location in HF and superimposed their ads for anyone wearing the right glasses.

And the reverse could also work. Visit “Virtual London” in HF, and rl Londoners wearing connected AR/HF eyewear, could see your avi and say hi.

I think its all possible today, quite a few companies already trying to annotate adverts with AR trackable 3d content (wikitude etc). I guess accurate tracking is the hardest thing. I should start a business now, offering to removing fiducial markers planted on national monuments, by those crazy HF people :slight_smile: 21st century graffiti might be virtual?


Just seen this vid might be of interest… pretty cool