Create a Faceshift Head FBX using Blender and Faceshift


This video explains how to create the simple rig needed for a HF Faceshifting Head
How to create a very simple head with just one blendshape( you can add as many as you like)
How to parent the head to the rig and do a basic automatic weighing.
How to apply scale and location.
How to use the correct fbx export ASCII2 settings
How to load the fbx into Faceshift
How to scale the model in Faceshift and to connect the bones and connect the blendshapes.
Export the fst file from Faceshift.
Import the fst file into HighFidelity

To do this you need ideally Blender 2.71 This new version of blender has a updated FBX Exporter.Earlier versions do not work.

Blender’s FBX Importer will not currently Import rigged meshes. However their is a 3rd party plugin that will. I would however recommend learning to build your own rig

a 30 day demo of Faceshift is available here

Things to note- Finish your head before you make the Shape Keys i.e apply any modifiers. Once you have added shape keys changing the mesh will break things.

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Fantastic, was just trying to make sense of all this yesterday.

#3 @chris This is that video I mentioned.


Is there a limit to how many blendshapes one can map to a face without it affecting performance? Can one load a head up with the full compliment of expressions in very fine detail? ~ and have it work in hifi? Does it even have an impact?


Good question. maybe ask @Judas he has been experimenting with this stuff for a year so should have an answer ¬.¬


I did just ask you, @Judas.
But, as you know, my forum posts do not properly reply.


Faceshift uses i think 42 different morphs which when you sit down to make them is plenty. but whats cool about it is it mixes these morphs together anyway you u can make your nose twitch when you wink , or as i did make the ears change shape as my face changes.Because the blendshapes are just morphs of the original shape they don’t add to the file size in the way adding completely unique meshes would but they do add to the file size.


@ozan Using the mixamo avatars I noticed that the fst files nolonger have all the stuff to make faceshift work, however faceshift still works. Have they been built in somewhere, and if i want to customise the values can I ?


Hey Judas, as far as I know, the Faceshift functionality should still work, although we’ve been focusing more on audio driven mouth shapes. You can create an FST file by either creating a profile in Faceshift and uploading its FST to Highfidelity or you can hand craft the FST file, making sure to stick to the format.

Let me know how it goes.