Create App (Edit.js) - Entity List Feedback


Hey everyone,

We’re working on making some updates to the entity list and we’d like your feedback.

If you take a look at the two images below, we have the following questions on them:

  1. If the list automatically updates, would it make sense to show items in red that have been deleted by other people?

  2. If the list automatically updates, would it make sense to show items in yellow that have been edited by other people?

  3. If the list automatically updates, would it make sense to show items in green that have been added by other people?

  4. Would it make sense to only revert these items back to gray one you’ve clicked on them or reloaded the application?

If you have any further feedback or questions on the screenshots, feel free to post. I can’t promise that everything will get in since we’re still iterating on this design, but we are definitely looking to make improvements!

We appreciate your feedback!!

Edit.js - missing CTRL UNselection for entity list

would be nice to be able to use a folder system on the entity list so different areas and locations within my domain can be neatly organized, eg a house could be foldered room by room, which would be a little more function than range alone
i would then like the option to copy paste folders-would feel a little more simple than exporting and re importing a json
1 if it told me who deleted it and when
2 same
3 if it also told me who
4 yes


I agree with @Judas, Information about who was editing, deleting or additing stuff would be nice. And thank you @alexia and the team for working on this in general :slight_smile: - the color code is good.

  1. Red is quite an aggressive color, but since the other colors are also bright it could work.

  2. Sounds Good

  3. Sounds Good; But i think the shade of green used in example might be a bit too close to the shade of the background, and its a bit hard to notice in some conditions.

  4. “Yes.”. Basically as long as it has been open should the list have info. If you open it again i dont think the information is relevant (or even sustainable)

I think hifi should also take account color blindness. One way would be to check readability in these by just simply greyscaling everything

The green-red are indistinguishable while the grey and the yellow are also unidentifiable.
One way to solve this is to decrease the brightness of the grey maybe by 5-10% and that should be sufficient.

The Red is OK, but In Greyscale it may also really hard to read when someone adds something new to the scene.

So here we see the Deleted Entity actually Looks OK. However, its hard to distinguish the Green and the Red from one another. Don’t be afraid to change the background also for entities that are created or edited.

Alternatively Easiest way forward would be simply to allow users to customize the font sizes and the colors.


1- Deleted entities
Color code is not bad in it-self, but can’t be the unique identifyer (because of color blind people)
Red is going to look black for a part of them. (And the backgroud is dark, so this is problematic.)
I think an icon as indicator could do the job for the deleted or simply inverted white on a red background.

2- Entities where last modify has been done by other users
I would like to have this information persistent. (Not just the freshly added)
I would suggest to display in “Italic” for the last modified by other. (in addition of yellow)

3- Entities where the creator is another user.
I would like to have this information persistent. (In fact It would highlight the object from other creator, not just the freshely added.)
I would suggest to display in “Bold-Italic” for the added by other. (in addition of green)

Inline menu… Is that going to work better than the scollbar in HDM ?



Up to you, I don’t care, it’s a male flaw. :wink:


Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas!

The color blindness issue is a really good point. I’ll update that so it’s accessible for color blind people. I like the idea of an icon, but I think we could use different colors to solve the problem, too.

The idea of showing who edited something is a really cool idea!


Folders and structures can be quite interesting. They can even capture much better che concept of ParentId, i.e. you can create a parent-child relationship dragging an object onto another and so having an implicit folder.

Having logic folders is really good to maintain a domain with more than a dozen entities, so to be clear for instance which parts are related to each other, or separate objects created by different people. BTW, isn’t there somewhere a field stating WHO did create / modify an entity? This can open up the doors for a minimal security system such as I create this entity and let only other people belonging to this group with specific role to be able to see and or modify this item.

Also it would be interesting to have the possibility of clicking on scripts and be able to see the javascript source (this is possible anyway copying the link and pasting in a browser, so why not let have it a bit easier to do via a simple click.

I already proposed in another post the possibility of having an Inventory linked to my purchases, with the possibility of adding bookmarks to scripts and urls so that you can easily find them when you are building something without resorting to tedious searches inside marketplace or with some other external editors.


Interesting idea… Even if it’ would be only to display the entities regrouped under their parent, that would be already usefull.


Duplicate (from the entity list) would be a plus.
(because there is no way to do it in HMD)


Regarding the colors, I think this is okay. You can maybe help with green/red by making the red as is, but brighten up the green a bit, so that it appears a lighter shade of grey. Regarding automatic updates…


I say this because there may be cases where an environment is constantly creating and deleting, and auto updates would make working beyond tedious. Otherwise it doesn’t look too bad. Kind of like the chaining concept with parenting (like with Avatars and the Audio demo).

In addition, regarding avatar entities, do not display the object information of other people’s entities. I’ve raised this concern more than a few times for very obvious reasons.


Hey Flame, the reasoning for the color coding was to alleviate this ever-updating list because we’re super aware of this issue. This way, the list wouldn’t be fluctuating unless you yourself made the changes, making an edit to the list intentionally.

If other people edit something or remove it, it would show the entity name in the list with a color, font style, etc. notifying you that there’s been a change.

Knowing this, do you have the same opinion? Are there any other issues I’m missing?


Explained that way, that does make more sense. So effectively, the list only changes color codes based on the refreshes (to highlight changes, be it creation or removal)?


Yep, it updates to highlight the changes, rather than removing the content from the list and bouncing the list around.