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I make a new topic. bnecause not found one.
There are a few things that are missing or need to be improved

Vector copy !

In secondlife TPV viewers have that like firestorm.
It’s so extreme usefull option when you replace objects for new one as example.

With vector copy you can copy and
paste all 3 axis with one action.

Why are the most important settings for entity so far down ?
A good idea would be to give this settings it’s own tab. or at least place it on the top. It did take a bit before i found it.


And i add that now. Reload of everything , entities, scripts , collision hull. Now there’s a very nasty cache that makes building pretty difficult to the point i say. screw it, ill try it other day again.


Can confirm that building is really a mess and it is a slow process.

I always cannot find the position, rotation, scale parameter in that huge sheet appearing in the properties, and I always need some 20 seconds to find where to change my values…

This maybe is due to my being a bit sight impaired?
But I can tell you that using blender or even firestorm I was perfectly able to find where to go.

Maybe a kind of “search while typing” can be an improvement?

i.e. while in the properties just start typing “pos” to go directly to the position? or maybe a visual palette for quick navigation of properties?


No more messy scroll bars…
And be able to go straight to the point…
No more expandable section too.

Here a suggestion (could be icons too… well you get the idea)

Each sections would need stand in one page.
I think it’s achievable.

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bought, I like your layout.


Tabs are alwats a good friend.
Same with normal menu’s

Why software need to take a bad smartphone aproache is mistery.

Your idea looks very good. especially vertical tabs solve another problem. Tabs is the way to go. Works also good in vr.


Not just functional, it actually looks good too!


would use some icons. I keep in having problems with the greyish tabs on grey background used in default blender setup. So I encourage to use vivid images :slight_smile:

these blender tabs for instance for me are completely unreadable.

in blender 2.8, they are doing some better job:


Agree, i now see the idea on my real screen.
The light gray text on the grey buttons is a poor contrast.

Like this setting i use in blender.

For @claudio.pacchiega You can change themes and colors in blender. Not sure if you know that oir ever tried. It can help you for better contrast.

Would be interesting for Hig Fidelity to !


I do! I usually use this “sciencelab” theme:

Here you at least can see something :slight_smile: