Creating a Zone Entity To Play A Music Stream


I want to thank @thoys and @Konstantin for their work on a new script called jsstreamplayer-zone-entity.js which is integrated into the build.

Create a Zone.

Stretch the newly created Zone around a room or building of your choice.

Give the Zone a unique name in the entity properties such as:

Enter a stream URL in the User Data field in entity properties such as:

Simply paste the url below in the Script URL in entity properties:

Once STEP 5 is complete, if you create additional Zones you will NOT have to repeat STEP 5 by repasting the Script URL in a new Zone. You can simply repeat the below steps for a new Zone to have a unique stream in each new Zone:

When you enter a Zone, a sound player UI will pop up allowing you to play, stop and volume + or - for the associated stream in the respective Zone entity.

This will allow you to have a music stream player in as many zones on your domain as you like.

Please touch base if you have any questions. Thanks @chris for suggesting I create a brief tutorial on this.



You could also create a web-on-a-prim and have it directed to somewhere a stream is playing. I do like your way better, though.


Thanks @Cracker_Hax and what you suggested is also a great way to do it as well. The web entity would be good in the case you wanted to show a video or something of that nature as well.


This works great. Thanks again Kevin, Thoys and Konstantin for making and sharing this.

One thing I changed was to use invisible entities instead of zones. I did this because even if the zones had the same properties I still noticed a brief flash in the graphics when entering or leaving the zone and entities seem to be a bit faster too.

To make sure that only the entities that I wanted to change the stream did, and not others that might have random user data in them, I changed the test to check that the name of the entity was “Stream” or what ever you want, rather than checking for type == zone.

Thanks again for sharing this.


I was drinking last night and when i woke up I had made Judas chatzone out of @KevinMThomas amazing script.

Create a zone entity call it “JudaschatzoneTM” paste into the script field of the zone entity.

It opens up the hifi chat room when you enter the zone yay automatic chat


this is great especially the default being off :slight_smile:
i played with this last week and learned more from this and the earlier KT &Thoys ‘goat script’ than i did from the HiFi “Using Audio” document, which now seems to have disappeared -?
Both of these scripts could usefully be part of a new HiFi ‘Using Audio’ document

What happened to the Stack Manager Audio Settings Doc

Thank you! This was almost the first thing I wanted to do. (after learning to walk)


And now several days later I have a question. Perhaps not about this script but scripts in general. This was working fine for me until one day it wasn’t. I reloaded the script but that didn’t work so then checked the media source and found out it was offline. Since then it has been ‘iffy’ as I logged in from one machine or another - sometimes working, sometimes not. Tonight I finally realized the script was not loaded after walking into my target zone. Once I double-clicked on the script in the “load scripts” section, it worked fine until I (as a test) stopped it from running, stepped out of the zone and back in. It doesn’t load and I have to launch it manually. As I’m just now starting to play with the scripts I have to ask: Is this the normal sequence of events for scripts in entities? I really don’t remember having to manually load the script the first time - it just started working when I walked into the zone.


Hi @Barry they are currently working on some updates to the engine which affected the stream player. Functionality should be restored hopefully next week.