Creating an Access token


I wanted to outline how you get an access token for your domain. This is important if you want to list your domain in the directory.

  1. Go to the security tab:
  2. Click and select “domain”

  1. Click “Create Token” and copy the token to your clipboard:

Paste that token into your Stack Manager settings: (in my case I can access from here: http://localhost:40100/settings/ )

Restart you’re domain and you are done!!


Hi @chris , I was going to move my domain from my laptop to my new CentOS7 farm. How do we see the access token at a later date so we can put it into the new server? Or is the concept that we create a new access token when moving domains?

Also, if we have several domains, do we use the same access token for all the domain servers or create a new one per domain server? I guess I am not quite sure what the access token represents.

Thanks for the help.


Hi @VR_Architect you can just go and create a new access token.