Creating an entity 500 meters long crashes the interface


Crash every time, there seems to be a limit to how big an entity can be but who knows what the limits are?
I am testing different sizes but for now I cant make a 500 mtr long box without crashing.
The entity is inworld when I relog btw, but by then the metavoxel is gone and I have to start the process all over again.

I know 500mtr is stupid big so I will accept if there are limits, I would just like to know what those limits are.
I am using this as a scale ruler to align the city texture to real world dimensions. The texture is quite blurry at 10 meter resolution and causes up to 30% distortion , 100 meter is better, 500 mtr would have been ideal.


Confirm it’s doing same for me. I crash, but upon return my 512M X axis cube is there.


Yes if I wasnt clear, my 500M entity IS there upon my return.


I can size up to 173M on X. At 174 it crashes. This is leaving Y and Z at defaults. I tried increasing Z on a 173M X cube and it immediately crashed. Perhaps it’s something in the volume of a cube calculations overflowing?


500M mesh cube works though.


Resized a cube, x=512m. it crashed. build 1797

Inmtressting, just downloaded build 1801, login and i see the 512m entity in front of me without crash.