Creating of an own skybox


I try to create an own skybox. I set the background mode to skybox, and paste my picture url into skybox url. In the internetbrowser I can see my picture at this url.

But in the interface only images of zones from the marketplace to be loaded. What am I doing wrong?

Ciao Juels.


I have made my own skyboxes, they worked like the marketplace skyboxes.

Maybe it is taking time to load, or make sure you have set the skybox light/color to something not dark? And sometimes I find you must go to a different domain, like the sandbox, and then come back, for it to load.


Make sure you follow the instructions here…

You can have skyboxes as a strip of images, or as a “cross” style.


I know this tutorial, my image has the cross style.

Ok, possibly my picture is still loaded. I check this today evening. :wink: Otherwise, I check the lightning settings and the file size of my image.

Thank you for your answers.


The cross style was not correctly. Now it works. Thank you.