Creating teleporter to various location in the place


suppose i have a list of interesting things to see in my place with related coordinates and short descriptions:

name, x1, y1, z1
name2, x2,y2,z2

Is there a way to create a script attached to an object which can automagically teleport you to those coordinates (maybe with rotation as well?)

It seems a very basic thing that surely somebody already has implemented, but I couldn’t find anything in the documentation, my dumbness :frowning:


I found this script, but it seems not working since it depends on “voxel” architecture. If I understood correctly voxel is no more supported in HF is it?

How to create a Portal

Voxels were an older method of building in HiFi. But it was found impacting performance too much back then. Nowday we have polyvoxes instead, but even that is hidden. (That script was 4 years old :slight_smile: )

Best way is to do it is via the method I described in the post you linked.