Creating the Winter game: 'Winter Smash Up!'


Hi All,

At the meetup on Friday, I proposed to the group that we create a mini game. The goal of the game is to use the functionality that is already available to us to create something that is easy and fast to play (the minimum default requirement to play will be a HMD and hand controllers).

I have created the base scene and have some basic ideas and funds available to build it out.

Location on Sandbox: hifi://sandbox/7996.98,1994.19,7853.1/-0.000122605,0.70422,0.000123609,0.709982

Base Assets:

The big picture

Phase 1

In the area marked 1 (on the diagram) have an individual located at Start shoot some targets with the pingpong gun.

The flow

  • Player sees pingpong gun on Table
  • Picks up gun and can see a sign marked “Shoot here to start”
  • On start, 10 targets show up that they need to shoot
  • Once they shoot the 10 targets the time it took to complete + username + date and time is sent to a google spreadsheet
    -That google spreadsheet is displayed on a webpage so that we can see who is the fastest.

Things the need to be gone

Phase 2 +

We can expand out on the other lanes and more about the game after phase 1.


Correct haybale link:


thank you! I updated it



Collision hull is not very hard todo. But it’s best to avoid V-HACD.
And in the worklist you give the idea it need to be done with that tool.
I would use pretty simple collision shapes.


Please check again. I think we are going to abandon the V-HACD for this.


Hey @chris I locked myself out of Git. o.O :smiley: apparently, they do not like brute force attacks. HAHAHA, well anyway, here is the cottage in progress.


@AlphaVersionD looking good.


@ericrius1 has been playing around recording collisions to a website:


It’s possible not finsihed @AlphaVersionD and not sure if it’s the plan. But it looks your physics shape is not hollow inside the cabin ?

But maby that still need to be add. Also my experience is that this shape never can be hollow in high fidelity because it looks like one object.


correct you are sir. I still need to extrude the inner walls to provide depth, but here is a different angle. ((also it was othog camera so the angles look a bit on the robot side. :slight_smile: ) )
first the opening for the door:

next the opening for the windows:

and again to repeat, the walls will need inner extrusion for depth.


But sofar i see it’s still one solid object. or are the walls made out of seperate cubes ?
The collision shape always failed to walk in when i made it out of one part.

So, keep me updated.


Chris, a suggestion on gameplay especially with projectile weapons and flakey hand controllers. Make the gun shoot a special bullet that is made up to give it a large cross section. The bullet should be a small visible part and an invisible collision sphere at least 0.5m. That will compensate for the shakeky aim.


My next suggestion (and Ihave said this before) is to enable CCD. Continuous collision detection fixes the problem where a fast moving object will penetrate and go through another object in one physics simulation frame, hence miss the collision.


Hi @Balpien_Hammere , nice idea. We have been looking at CCD and just ironing out some issues. check it out


Collision Hulls almost ready for phase 1 testing…
On top of regular models for correct position spacing, rotation… etc…


Collision Hull complete.
I’ve added the collision hull to the sandbox version for testing. If it is satisfactory, I will directly send the .obj to @chris because I assume assets don’t go through the .git. process. Can you confirm?