Critter Framework: Client Script Helper for Basic Pets!


For the good for the community, and to increase quality of the pet compo and to inspire Beginner scripters and Intermediate ones, to take apart of it. I am making my framework I developed for the Compo available to everyone to used for any project including the compo

Following script helper gives a decent base line into creating a simple Critter Follower object,
and maybe to work on a more advanced one. Ill write a small documentation on it over time.

Please, copy the above script into the same directory as your pet script.
The script it self is more of a prototypical thing you will expand upon. Do not refer directly to it, because Ill be updating it eventually, which may break content relying on it as is.

Enjoy o7 :slight_smile:

Contest: VR Pet Challenge!

really impressive work.
Can u make it ignore me and not follow me like my cat does, not respond to its name, treat me like a stranger unless its hungry?


Updated the reference to point to github with the newest version of the Critter Framework that allows you to set destinations other than your own Avatar. You can now use the same method to create critters that just go around the environment not bound to an avatar.