CromptonMoor - who owns it?


Who owns CromptonMoor?

I’ve being conscripted to run a big werewolf game in VR…


Multi-Con VR Update

Looks like hifi does (edit: the domain listing shows highfidelity as the host, it seems host is not the same as domain name owner?) :

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@Judas ----^ ?
I think?



That sounds great!
Is it going to be a kind of LARP?
I’d also love to play “Vampire the Masquerade” inworld :purple_heart: :snake: :sunglasses:



@Yossi.Spinoza.Premin Yes me but I’m fundamentally opposed to werewolfs for religious reasons, just kidding help yourself ,let me know if I can help.



Werewolf is a social game also sometimes called Mafia and probably many other names.

The TL;DR version:
You got a bunch of players, some of whom are randomly and secretly werewolves/mafia/whatever.
Each “day” everyone argues over whom to execute.
Then at “night” everyone covers the eyes/ears except the werewolves who decide who to kill/convert.
Then day again, and this alternates until only innocents or werewolves remain.

No dice, no cards, nothing but people arguing.

What’s going on and why is this happening to me?!
Werewolf is the official unofficial game of “Kinnernet”, which is an invitation only exclusive social event that belongs to Israeli high tech guru Yossi Vardi.

I’ve been asked about running a werewolf game in VR and I didn’t say no.

The deadline is quite near, end of April.

Tentative plan:
Tomorrow I’ll test HiFi on the Lenovo Mirage Solo, I have access to about ~13 of these, which is a decent sized game.

What I think I can do in such a short time:

Have an environment with a bunch of houses.

Have a domain wide looped audio so that:

  • A wake up signal - a roosters call. Everyone comes out to the town center and argues.
  • The town clock chimes, everyone rushes to their home just before…
  • A wolf baying is the signal for everyone who is a Werewolf to come out and they all go to someone’s house and kill him.
  • Another signal for the wolves to rush back home just before the rooster calls again.
  • Repeat until the batteries on the HMDs run out.

Stuff that needs to be done that I hate to even think about:

  1. Make it so all these HMDs on wifi connect to a server without hitches and glitches.
  2. Create/modify domain so that it fits the theme and has houses/rooms for ~13 people.
  3. Have some hats/accessories so that the avatars are easy to distinguish.
  4. Create a looping audio thing (after deciding how long the day/night cycle should be).
  5. Profit.


Curious to know how your test on the Lenovo Mirage Solo went?

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In this time zone the test is still an hour away… :slight_smile:



The Lenovo test did not go well for boring reasons not related to HiFi:

The small comapny I visited has more than a dozen of those, connected to different accounts, and it’s impossible to install from INSIDE the device, you need to install from the desktop and we couldn’t figure out which device is which before we ran out of time.

I’m quite sure we installed on two devices, but the ones we installed on are in another location.

I also found out the Lenovo Mirage Solo is really unreliable and it’s giving them a lot of pain.

I update again when i can finally see it running.

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