Cronic crashing last 2 days


Is it just me? Or is it across the board?
I cant stay logged in for more than 20 seconds, and it seems to be happening with the old familiar, “cant spin without crashing” and/or “cant look at models without crashing”

I was hoping this would be cured today so I could finish a job, but not the case, latest build just as bad.

Any advice please?


Sorry Adrian, will try and figure tomorrow. Windows/Mac, and if you go back a build or two does it get better?


@adrian is this happening in venice? I was seeing an issue when going to Venice and it started loading a model. Specifically when I looked up.


@philip I have gone back to 1955 (windows) and it doesnt seem to improve things. I didnt want to go back too far and get beyond stack manager compatabilty.

@chris yes this happens in venice, when I swing my view to look at the domain root it freezes
it is interesting you say “when you look up” the floydseum is up at 8000Y

I can actually move around and import stuff but as soon as I turn it locks.

The biggest problem is at the Floysdeum, quite a few models there and I can hardly move.
Floydseum isnt public yet so I will send you a PM with the co-ords

Also on adriania, I can log in and move in one direction, if I turn it locks up.


After some testing I found I can look around up to one point, if I dont look at that point I can go on working, importing, moving entities and running test scripts, so I believe the problem has to do with a model somewhere on the domain.
Something in a mesh, Judas suggested Ngons, this is possible because I believe I have some Ngons in my builds, like the ends of cylinders etc.

If I can stay stable enough to remove potential offending objects I will get a definitive result in that aspect.

I have had a few entities go bad on me, they rez then everything goes red or green and the entity is still sitting there and I cant click it, and shows up on the list as “Unknown” and cant delete it, I dont know what to do about those ones.

I dont think there is anything wrong with the interface, I can go to Judas’s “shop” and bounce around and spin and never crash, in my experience that proves the interface stable.