Cross-Domains Audio / Video Conference, Text Chat and Video Share


I want to share a script that make possible the cross-domain communication between HighFidelity users.
You need to run this script in Edit / Running Scripts / From URL:

The script will add a Tablet App Button called “VideoConf”.
By pressing this button, you will be redirected in your private conference room (your Hifi username).
You can access the public community room, by pressing the button “HiFi”.
You can go to your private domain room, by typing in Name your domain name and click “Call”.
You can call a friend by typing in the bottom text box the friend name and pressing the “Call” button.
You can receive calls from friends in your private room by pressing the green “Receive” button

Taking in consideration the PRIVACY (thank you @Judas for your suggestion). the application will start in text chat only mode, with your camera and microphone muted by default. You can turn them on when you wish, by pressing the correspondent buttons on the bottom.

When you want to end a call press the red button in the bottom-middle.

You can share in sync youtube videos, by clicking on More actions
and in the new menu Share a Youtube video.
You can stop the video sharing, By clicking on More actions / Stop Youtube video.
In More actions / Settings you can configure your microphone, camera, audio output, language and name.

  1. By using OBS Studio and virtual camera plugin you can use the OBS-Camera as your webcam and display your avatar and domain.
    Don’t forget to check Autostart the virtual camera in OBS Studio menu: Tools / VirtualCam

  2. Easiest way, by using Webcamoid:
    Install the app, and chose Screen as Input in Configure sources and in Preferences / Output, click on VirtualCamera and chose a name for the Camera (e.g. HifiCam). You will see this camera as a source in the Videoconference app.

You can run the script also on your PC in a browser, going to this address:

*You must use your user name from HighFidelity for the user variable.(replace HiFiUsername)

I’m waiting for you in the Highfidelity community public room.
Press HiFi button and be there!

Enable links in the default Chat application

I dont have a webcam, can i just show my avatar in hifi?


Yes, but you need OBS Studio and virtual camera plugin. Details are already posted.


any way of doing it without extra stuff? ie grabbing the avatar url some how
I just think everytime we need to add in other software to do somthing , the less people will use it


This if it’s going to be of practical use needs to work with our existing contact list.i need to see who is group chatting before choosing to join a video conference( there should be no anonymous option to use this) The text aspect needs to be dominant over video chat it needs to enable with the sound muted initially
It scares me that I clicked the hifi button and was instantly in a video call.women would hate this as traditionally strangers in a video chat can’t keep their dicks in their pants. The avatar view needing obs and extra setup will mean that few will even try it let alone continue to use it.


I’ve tried to implement the metaverse API to have a list of the online users, but most of the users have chosen the availability to Apear Offline, so you can’t contact them.

Regarding the privacy issue, when you start the video conference script, you are directed in your private room and you have the option to block the camera and microphone by clicking on camera and mic buttons. When you go to a public room as HighFidelity by clicking this two buttons you will enjoy a text only conference. Anytime you want you can reactivate your microphone or camera.


I’ve change the script to start by default muted, so now each time will start the video conference app will be in text only mode with your microphone and camera muted. You have the option to turn them on when you wish, by pressing on the correspondent buttons on the bottom. Thank @Judas for your suggestions.


I dont care about people appearing off line block them . anonymous users also
Thanks George
Mic on at the start is a guaranteed way to annoy people , feels really invasive
Hi-fi having that is nuts


I already posted here in forum about that… But nobody seemed to be interested in that change… :frowning:


Humbletim made a script to auto mute it so we forget that it’s still like that


which script? I need it! :slight_smile:


@humbletim can i share the url to your mic off script thing?


I’ve added the feature for user name in the conference to be the avatar name.


To start your mic muted in highfidelity just make a file named startmicmuted.js and put
Audio.muted = true;

that is all you have to do. I hear that is does not work if you add to default scripts but it works fine if you use its own script.


I’ve created a Chrome extension for Screen Sharing, it works great in Chrome, you can use your HighFidelity Interface screen as a camera, but unfortunately, in the actual chromium browser of HighFidelity, can’t be installed. You can test it by accessing on a chrome browser the video conference app from this link:


@caityln Who do we need to ask to get a better browserin hifi ?
If I have to go out of hifi to do anything I may aswell use facetime.
George is doing good work if hifis basics aren’t upto the job beta would be the time to get the tools we need:)


@humbletim 's mouth off script


What exactly doest this script? Isnt it an entity script?


turns off the mic when u log in o.o


But the single line you told me before was perfectly working :slight_smile: What else are doing the other 10000+ lines in this script? :slight_smile: