Cruptocurrency option - Blockstream sidechains


I haven’t been here in a while so I haven’t seen the latest posts about implementation of cryptocurrency in HF, but (the hot topic in cryptocurrency in the last couple of days) seems worth taking a look at. Pegged sidechains can combine the advantages of Bitcoin with the flexibility of bespoke alternative approaches. Take a look at the whitepaper, and there is a Reddit AMA in half an hour.


Very cool stuff, thanks for sharing.


What are the current plans for implementation of cryptocurrency in HF?


Click the link below for my review and thoughts about sidechains, and highlights from the Reddit AMA.

In summary, sidechains will offer the best of both worlds: the ability to rapidly experiment innovative solutions in a separate “greenhouse” while still using Bitcoin as currency. HF could build its own private blockchain, under it’s own full control, but still use Bitcoin as currency. I think for many users (certainly including me), this would be an ideal solution.