CTD Qt Concurrent


Random crash.

Pulled this from the logs, might be helpful.

[10/31 20:24:24] [WARNING] Qt Concurrent has caught an exception thrown from a worker thread.
[10/31 20:24:24] [WARNING] This is not supported, exceptions thrown in worker threads must be
[10/31 20:24:24] [WARNING] caught before control returns to Qt Concurrent.


This happens when ever a developer is being punished for crashing the alpha meeting. :wink:


@Triplelexx As far as I can see in our code base, this could have happened in one of 3 places, can you help me narrow this down?

  1. Where you using one of those modified Oculus Rift that have eye tracker inside?
  2. Where you using the JSConsole and timing commands?
  3. Where you in a domain that had polyvoxel entities in it?


@c Neither of the first 2, I was crashing multiple times while browsing Ozan’s domain on Windows build 3452, so could well be polyvoxel related.