Ctrl-M is bad for muting microphone


Just testig the ctrl-M key to mute and unmute.
First it seems to respond slow on welcome.
The other problem is that you not know if your muted or unmuted.

The mute function need a better feedback not it’s inside the tablet and not visible.


Wouldn’t the volume toolbar indicate if you are muted or not? I haven’t looked at it recently, but if I remember, the outline turns red if muted and remains white if unmuted.

As for input speed, I’m not sure if that’s related to the ‘grab lasers’ lagging under certain situations. I’ve noticed UI elements have delays as well when the lasers are also having issues.


No the removed long ago the notification right from the mic signal strength on the main screen. you can only see muted or not by open the tablet. Or yell useless in the mic could be other optin to see if you have a signal.


i wish we could use combos to mute and un mute the mic


Wow, what a natural interface!