Cube engine editor (a cool system for editing 3d worlds)


Check this out. Perhaps you guys could get some ideas for voxel editing from this.


I remember the Cube, the predecessor of Sauerbraten. In fact, I just downloaded it and reminded myself that I worked on one of the official maps, MY PARENTS DON’T LIKE YOUR ARMPIT (gdb1) with DaveBulow. Dang it, now I wanna go play Quake.

Back on point, though, my experience when building with Cube was initially one of immense frustration, as I was used to dealing with brushes, Quake’s convex shapes used to make up the world, but as I got used to it, rapid prototyping became available to me, and I was using just the same tools to finely polish the final result.

I look forward to seeing what editing options will become available to us.


You might be interested in a new Cube 2 engine game, Tesseract - It’s inspired by Sauerbraten, and I am having a similar experience in rapidly prototyping maps that you described.


Ah, Sauerbraten … played it a lot
I remember campaign --> start an army of one :wink:

Will have a look a Tesseract
And yes: we all look forward what editing options there will be (Stem - Reactive Grip - something like MakeVR - etc)