Current minimum graphics driver support


Hi All,

We are getting a lot of questions about crashes related to graphics cards. We currently are targeting OpenGL4.1 capable hardware minimum. This means that pretty much any GPU from the last 5 years should be capable. This is equivalent to DirectX D3D11 minimum. This is what we are using for development and testing in house.
If your hardware is from an older generation it may start to show some bugs or incompatibilities are even just crash on start up.

For Nvidia it means anything starting on the Fermi Architecture or more recent. There are chances that older geforce up to the 8000 series work for now (they are OpenGL3. / D3D10 capable)

For AMD it means anything starting on the Radeon HD 5000 architecture or more recent. There are chances that older Radeon up to HD 4000 series work for now because they support d3d10/opengl 3.

For Intel it means normally starting at the Ivy Bridge architecture or more recent.
One problem here is the true level of features for opengl that the driver offer. The HW should be capable but the driver is somewhat too limited… so we are still trying to narrow down the true minimum.

Make sure that your driver are up to date (check with your GPU vendor website for the latest driver) as this as a big influence on the features supported.

If you want to report a problem make sure that you provide the name of the GPU, the driver version used and the log you get from interface.

Note that we now display these informations at the beginning of the log so you should really just send us the log.



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hum looks like I will be having issues in the future then as im still using a GeForce 200 Series card hifi currently renders fine just a bit slowly for me. been meaning to upgrade my gpu but im not even sure if my motherboard can support a GeForce 400 series and newer.

my current specs are
Operating System:    Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)
DirectX version:    11.0
GPU processor:        GeForce GTX 285
Driver version:        341.44
Direct3D API version:    10
CUDA Cores:        240
Core clock:        666 MHz
Shader clock:        1512 MHz
Memory data rate:    2484 MHz
Memory interface:    512-bit
Total available graphics memory:    4095 MB
Dedicated video memory:    1024 MB GDDR3
System video memory:    0 MB
Shared system memory:    3071 MB
Video BIOS version:
IRQ:            28
Bus:            PCI Express x16 Gen2


Will HF run on an intel iris pro ?


Iris Pro 5200 (Haswell), and up should support upto OpenGL 4.3. So it will meet minimum.
Just make sure to run on the latest drivers from apple.
However, do not expect it to perform constant at 60 fps and that there might be issues (default laptop integrated (not discrete) chips still arent upto rendering real time 3D)


a bit unsure here, will it work with my Radeon HD4670?


Unfortunately, that doesn’t meet the minimum, from what I’ve read it only supports opengl 2.1. It’s also a very legacy graphics card.

At minimum any card after 2010 Q2 should meet the minimum with these specs, although this minimum is not final, so might get increased later.


Im not sure whats causing crashes on my machine I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB on an iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), so far it seems to never finish loading an area before crashing out and is so jerky in appearance it seems as if im getting an extremely low frame-rate

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Intel HD4400 with the latest drivers. Nothing is showing, just stars. I know this GPU used to work (from reading the forums). Now it doesn’t.