Cursors in VR Need Improvements


The mouse and controller point-plus-circle cursors in HMD display mode could do with a few improvements:

  1. They should operate outside the bounds of the HMD display box. For example, I cannot click on the “power” button shown in the picture.
    It is implemented as a billboard overlay and the cursor position in the picture shows the closest that a cursor can get to it.

  2. They should appear at the depth of the object that they’re hovering over. This per the Oculus Best Practices Guide: “otherwise, it can appear as a doubled image when it is not at the plane of depth on which the eyes are converged”. Currently they appear on the HUD surface.

  3. It should be possible to control point-plus-circle cursors (at least two) via JavaScript. For example, if I want to control a cursor with the Leap Motion, say.