Custom Hifi development


Please allow me to introduce myself.
I am Adrian of Australia, first of his name, Alpha User and Citizen Zero of High Fidelity, Father of butterflies, Lord of ‘earth’, and world builder.

A bit melodramatic yeah I know but I’ve been watching Game of Thrones.

I am available for freelance development work and domain creation and management within High Fidelity and associated platforms.

Blender modeling, blueprint and plans transformed into 3D objects.
Texture creation using Photoshop and Gimp, hand drawn and/or photographic. Alpha, Normal, some Specular.
Javascript, custom scripting, interactive buttons, huds, chat and messaging, TP, audio, lighting, and animation.
All types of Entities placement and modeling, zones, procedural skies, specializing in Text entities and text overlays.
Workarounds for dozens current bugs and limitations within Hifi.

I have been hearing the cries for a server provider so I would also like to offer server deployment and Sandbox management, I am working on providing hosting solutions for both Domain servers and Asset servers.
I dont have a hosting reseller deal struck yet with a provider but I can help set you up.

My resume:
I have been collaborating with Qbit technologies for 18 months as a consultant and developer.
For examples of my work please look at

My own domain hifi:/earth (feel free to claim a lot).
Haunted graveyard Mini golf hole.
Pepe (Scripted pet in marketplace).
Recent work includes hifi:/newnewyork.

Please send Private Message, I am interested in all kinds of projects and plenty of free advice is given.


I can vouch for this guy. He knows what he is talking about!


I would like to endorse Adrian’s work, as Ceo of one of the companies he has worked for in the past couple of years. Adrian has always been professional and reliable and has also proven to be a individual of strong values and honesty. We worked together on several projects and Adrian has always been up to speed and provided creative solutions and approaches. I am very happy with the work Adrian has done for us at Qbit and I certainly hope we will work together again in the future.
Thank you.


Hi, I would like some help in creating a platform for a presentation at a conference in september.
I need a couple of models made with animation scripts, and then help with recording the presentation for playing at the conference. It has become a bit urgent so if you know of anyone that could help would be appreciated


Hi @grahamrodgers54 I would really love to help you but I have just taken on a full load.
I am expected to be maxed out until at least the end of September probably to the end of October.

I post here so if there is anyone else looking for a job they might call you.
Although I am happy to be this busy, I am really sorry that I’m not available for you right now.


Are you still available for some dev work, or are you full up?


Hi, I am available for some work right now, what did you have in mind?
Please contact me via Private message and we can have a chat.