Custom NPC model


I am trying to use the recorder.js script to add some NPC’s to my world but I am not having much luck with gettingit to allow me to use custom avatars. I for instance am wanting to load a bus into the world that will follow a set path up and down a road. I have a bus fbx model but when I get the .fst file it errors out and defaults me back to the standard blue character avatar.

Can I get some help with this? When I go to edit-package model do I have to use avatar body with head? Could it be one of the other settings?


In this scenario, I think it might be easier to create a standard animation that plays for a bus model rather than creating it as an NPC using recorder.js, mainly due to the differences between a standard 3D model and what we’d expect out of an avatar model.

Avatars that can be worn need to have certain skeletal features and armature rigging (you can see the specifics here) so that movements are mapped to specific movements. There’s a pretty in-depth forum post here that may also help with defining some of the requirements for avatars.

As a workaround, you could attach your bus model to your avatar (Avatar > Attachments) and “wear” the bus, and play back the recording with attachments - if you make your avatar quite small (Avatar > Decrease Size) then this might be an option. As far as I’m aware, you can’t bypass requiring a skeleton to set the model appearance, but I’d suggest playing around with the attachment option and see how far that gets you!


I was able to get the bus to wrap around my avatar as an attachment but that led to another problem.

Is there a way to get the NPC from recorder.js to be set up for collisions? If so then this solution would work.

I spent a lot of time trying varying methods yesterday, and it is becoming more apparent that I probably just need to animate the model with a script.