Customise the Meri avatar in Blender


Customize then export the Meri avatar from blender keeping the rigging and blend shapes working @Menithal version
using Blender 2.74 and the drop box public folder.
Included in the file are the Blender file and the fst files.


This is a great tutorial! Even someone like @KevinMThomas can do this.


Great stuff @Judas very nice video


If you try sculpting and nothing happens go to the shapekeys
click lipslowclose1 then click back to basis
then it should work i dunno why it wont let u do anything till u do that


what about also using BlenderBoy


If anyone can figure out the issue with the “airplane arms” could you post it in here as well?
Thank you! :smile:


The airplane arms can be fixed by posing the avatar in pose mode :smile:
First select the bones:

Turn on X-ray mode

So from this tab just select pose mode.

Then Rotate the arm bones using Rotation tool ® and using your view as an constraint:
You can also constraint to axis by using pressing either X, Y, Z after R.
Pressing the same axis twice will toggle between global rotation and normal rotation

These are also first steps to creating animations.
Have fun


I must be doing something wrong because for some odd reason, it’s not saving the pose. It merely reloads the avatar in “airplane arm” mode.


Is this after exporting it or in blender? If it is doing it in blender, make sure you don’t have rest pose on: else it will always reset to its rest position


It happens after exporting it, As I don’t know the functions of blender (at all) most tools are very well hidden from me.
(I had to search on the internet to find the Pose mode and x-ray.)
I know that I am not the only one that has this issue


Yes but the real test is now - he has challenged me as a non blender user to do it… watch this space…!


@Smokey_Bracken You’re a fast learner so it’ll be easy for you :slight_smile:


Did the lack of “stickiness” of the arms get worked out yet? My Mery is still a T. I haven’t been able to save her out of Blender 2.74 without the arms reverting.
Thanks for your super genius knowledge. I have learned a tonne in the past few days.


It’s been solved a while ago, (in fact I posted the way to solve it in this thread) simply put you just need to set a pose for the avatar before you export them.

But I’ll probably go more step by step once I have some time in my hands on Sunday.


I’m definitely looking forward to it! :smile:


How to add some textures to Meri in Blender


Here a fix for the airplane enthusiasts to fix the arms :slight_smile:


Excellent! You are a hero! lol!
Worked for me (I did pay extra attention to your procedure in exporting!)

Now if we can just get the name tags out of our bums, we’ll be really happening! :slight_smile:


this is the avatar most are based on


aww you took her down :frowning: