Customize the HUD


Is there a way to set a custom HUD? I am thinking about some quick navigation items, maybe a task list for users, and really any other ideas we may come up with. Is the HUD customizable in HiFi?


Its not customizable persay via just dragging and dropping, or snapping and moving, etc.

However all of the components in High Fidelity are brought in, and built via Scripts, so technically speaking (nearly) everything is customizable, similar to how UIs in WoW or ESO are customizable via add-ons.

The ease of access to the customization however is not friendly at all for an average user and requires coding knowledge. So currently many would have to wait for someone to dig in and make it customizable with more ease in comparison.


Can it be done? Yes.
Quickly? absolutely No.
Why? Geek-fu required


Both or your replies were helpful. I appreciate it.

Are there currently any good examples or documentation of somebody doing such a thing that could be used as a model?

That cells simulation accessible from the welcome hub as a HUD like navigation. Is that code open source somewhere? I cannot find it


All of the scripts you see in the HF examples are open source and that includes the default HUD. Most of the ‘marketplace’ is also open source, so the scripts referenced in them are also the same. Look at the comment header in the script s it reveals the sharing and use status.

There is some documentation on the scripting API. It is incomplete, but located here: