Cyberith Begins Pre Order - Line forms to the left


This just happened:

I’ve had my eye on these guys for quite awhile and I recommend @philip team to reach out to them if possible. This is the “correct” solution for neutral locomotion for VR.


“I just want to land in 3rd person and walk around admiring peoples creations…”

@hans3000 like this? perhaps help us help you by informing of your computer specs etc…



Considering it, but then I look at my already pending customs finances (Control VR, Stem, Rift CV / Vive) So I think ill just wait till its out before considering purchase…


Sarcasm aside if I was going to re invent the cafe as some kind of Metaverse cafe this may be perfect.


Suggest to get the XL version :smiley: :wink:


It’s ok @Judas I know you mean well. Like I said, I was watching these guys and the work they’ve done with PrioVR. I’m still ticked PrioVR has been pushed out 3 times, but I won’t cancel my pre-order or slow my development because others are facing corporate set-backs.

I got lucky number 13. :wink: see you in the Metaverse.


I think this design is already archaic. What we really want is a full-body glove with tactile feedback and motion capture (a mature tech) rather than a clunky harness that physically traps you in a space-consuming frame.


The issue with that is that not everyone has the space for a full room VR (even the curving path trick needs some space), and you have to have a method to walk in place: youd still need a hardness to keep you in place. but overall that uses less space.



This just in…