If you want to visit just click Enter and then write “dream” to teleport. Take a torch and start to explore, more places to be added next weekend, stay tuned…

Things to expect in this place:

  • Fractals
  • Binaural sounds

If you play an instrument, this is a good place to take a corner and play in solitude…

Want to be part of the group? let me a message here so I can sent you an invitation.


this is great! keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thanks to @thoys, @Jazmin and @Twa_Hinkle for helping me with the background sound script. Here a small glimpse of what “Dream” is about. To get the exact mood and lighting of the environment please turn on Ambient Occlusion and Shadows in the Graphics panel.


Monolith, animation preview.


Here the timelapse of the Monolith model/ animation.