Dang ! on build 4372


.Hmm. just updated interface/.exe to check something. Well tratitions never go poof. So after starting interface.exe it showed me this nice screen.

Second try the same. Why did i try it…


Are you submitting the reports? Those are crucial to getting info to HF so they can fix - they see a nice formatted report with why the crash occurred and where it crashes allowing effort to be made to fix.


I did send the first time the crash report


Sending it the first time is good. Sending it every time is great, since we get a better understanding of which crash bugs are encountered most frequently. If you crash 20 times and only send us the first crash, it’s less likely we’ll know that it’s a critical issue, particularly if it’s something that only happens on a given combination of hardware and software. You might be the only person right now who encounters it.


Ill try it tomorrow a bunch of times more and send it.


It’s also OK if you just don’t crash. Just FYI.


Ok. some extra info.

  • Started interface.exe
  • You get the window that interfgace crashed before. , choice 3rd option.
  • Then a short flash of some ther window (interface).
  • Dang !

More testing later.

Dang, just figured out that if you not enter any comment in the window the bug report not get send ? I justb did enter a comment and i see a send message ? SO the dang window need to block the send button until a comment is entered. Ither words, the first 2 bug reports never arrived because empty comment field.


Uninstall and reinstall did let me start at least interface.exe again. and it crashed when pressing update.