DDE Hangs Interface startup


When I upgraded from 2831 to 2841, my interface launch stalled completely. I determined it has something to do with DDE being enabled. If I edit interface.ini and turn off DDE face tracking, the interface app launches successfully. I also tried 2843, 44, and 48. All of these exhibit this new bug.

If I start the interface, having manually adjusted the .ini file to turn off DDE, I can enable the camera. It is when I select “Calibrate Camera”, that the interface app jams up.


DDE also not working in Windows build 2850 for me … deleted cache and Interface.ini … started up, logged in … click the face to enable webcam face tracking … Interface hangs straight away.


Fails in 2853 too. Not much in the logs:

[DEBUG] [07/21 09:58:43] DDE Face Tracker: Socket: “Bound”
[DEBUG] [07/21 09:58:43] DDE Face Tracker: Starting
[DEBUG] [07/21 09:58:50] DDE Face Tracker: Calibration started


Build 2853

Started interface.exe
Started my domain server, because windows update.
Clicked unmute facetracking. That responded with a white screen of death.

I see a big list ion the log, and it keeps going on.

[DEBUG] [07/21 19:20:46] Killed “Entity Server” (o)
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:20:46] Killed “Avatar Mixer” (W)
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:20:47] Added “Avatar Mixer” (W)
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:20:47] Added “Entity Server” (o)

Killed interface.exe, and restarted again. Same problem.

[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:28] DDE Face Tracker: Socket:  “Bound”
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:28] DDE Face Tracker: Starting
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:30] DDE Face Tracker: Calibration started
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:34] Killed “Entity Server” (o)3
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:34] Killed “Avatar Mixer” (W)
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:35] Added “Avatar Mixer” (W)
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:35] Added “Entity Server” (o)
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:35] Activating local socket for network peer with ID
[DEBUG] [07/21 19:23:35] Activating local socket for network peer with ID


Ugh, what a pain it is to edit the interface.ini file. For one, the DDE settings are scattered across several sections, and some of the settings are duplicated! When this problem started for me in 2841, I trashed my interface.ini file since the old one had been around for a long time and across several major versions of interface. I could see why across many months the settings format might have been altered. Hence, I trashed the interface.ini and now it should be clean. Instead I get:




So, something, maybe a script, is dumping duplicate and conflicting data into interface.ini


The cause of DDE making Interface hang has been tracked down and one of the HiFi devs will fix it soon.

Note: If you do enable it by mistake you can terminate Interface then, if you are quick, start Interface an click on the “face” button to disable it before Interface locks up.


DDE (webcam) face tracking is working again in Windows build 2858 / OSX build 2723.

BUG: The calibration message displays in the top left of the screen instead of the centre.


Confirmed, DDE works again, and yes, the message on the side bug also confirmed.