DDE is responding very slow / not or with delay


Anybody else have the same problem using 2795.
But DDE seems not to track my avatar very good. aowmtimes it start to work after a long delay.

After calibrating it also takes very long before mabye soemthing happens.

Note changed the deskltop setup a bit here to, but don’t think that’s the problem.


My camera switches on but does nothing afterwards so deafening something up I can confirm


Mine switches on as normal but I’m flailing all around.


I just uninstalled my drivers for my camera and reinstalled everything is fine now very strange behaviour


I am not having problems with DDE but I do make certain I have adequate and even lighting on my face. DDE does run slowly for me, if at all, in the evenings if I do not have a good light source in front of me.

If you don’t want light in your eyes, I suggest getting an infrared light source with a diffuser cap. Most WEB cams see infrared quite well, so your face will be illuminated but you’ll not have an eyeful of glare.


We have noticed the same thing here.


DDE runs sometimes fast and sometimes slow for me. The latter probably at night, from memory. … I’ve ordered an IR light source to try out … should arrive Monday.