DDE problems... And help needed


I just buyed a webcam. not a cheap one. but one thats full HD
The first try looked good, but where without glasses. Now i try it again i get a bad result.

The problems.

Eyes keeps closes or not react good, possible because the glasses. need to be solved someway. On picture i see some reflections. if it cannot be fixt. then switch to simulated option and disable the face scanning. but , not a nice idea :open_mouth:

in the mirror view im always look down. and that’s without really looking down on my keyboard.

Some option to see when your camera is centered correctly would be good.
I’m thinking about some cross that tell you how far it’s away from center.
Better calibrartion feedback is really needed.

I need some help and advise with this. because it’s intressting. but the angle of the camera and lack of manual calibration is amplifiying to problems. and i canot place the camera lower. unless i place it in 45 degree angle next to the screen. (problem: no space for that)

Sofar i see on the preview window in the webcam software the lightning is fine.


Ok. the results are a bit random.

Need to talk with others about this.

I have also noticed that when you look a little bit up, your eyes are closing :frowning:


Was discussing the same issue earlier at https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/dde-webcam-face-tracking-calibration-added/5974/4 . Its being looked into.


@Richardus.Raymaker If your avatar is looking at an angle when it should be looking horizontally, do a reset sensors (single quote key) to zero things.


AHA !, thats the trick. Also explains why it worked sometimes fine last night.


I see a problem with the camera reset, it’s linked to the same key as you use to reset the camera when you look around.

Problem with that, if you use DDE and look around with look.js and want to reset your view angle. you need to make sure you look straight to the camera before pressing the key.

It make things more complex, a seperate key is mabey better or button.

DDE worked much better today ! :slight_smile: