DDE webcam face tracking calibration added


Developer > Avatar > Face Tracking > Calibrate Camera … and keep you head stationary with a neutral face.

This menu item averages 5 seconds or so worth of face coefficients provided by DDE and uses the average to zero out bias, so that a relaxed physical face corresponds to a relaxed avatar face. (Previously, a relaxed physical face may hay resulted in an avatar face with cheeks puffed a bit, for example.)



That works pretty slick!


ctrlaltdavid = like a BOSS




Fantastic work so far. My Face finally isnt snarling constantly!

Anyway, could you add the feature of toggling off the eyelid binary format?
My camera was able to support it, and didnt mind my avatar being squinting at various degrees instead of just eyelids closed / open. With the change to binary my eyes have mostly been closed, and after this calibration tool I cant close them.

After all alot of emotion is conveyed by eyes being open at various states.


@Menithal Hi! Thanks very much for your comments.

Next up on the work list is a preferences slider to adjust the threshold at which the eyelids open/close. (The appropriate value seems vary quite significantly between different people.)

I’ll run adding an option to turn eyelid binary format by @chris.


The feature works quite nicely. I no longer have my mutton chops mistaken as bulging cheeks. The one problem I do see is that the calibration setting seems to not be persisted.


@Balpien_Hammere Correct, the calibration is not persisted between program runs.

There is a PR in the pipeline that automatically does a calibration each program run when the camera is enabled (at start-up if the camera is already enabled).

But perhaps the calibration should be persisted between program runs? Though its interaction with automatic calibration would need to be sorted out. @chris