debugFramebuffer not show the menu on screen


I try to figure out why the mixamo avatar got metalic after blender.
I know it’s just guessing wich slider you nee to move in blender. thanks to complete incompatibility with blender vs high fidelity.

So i found a page.

To user debugFramebuffer.js it seems to run and is checked in developer.
but no menu visible. i do see nothing like this


There’s a newer debug script like this that I forgot the name of
@Menithal will know


Aha. for now i solved the problem by removing everything :open_mouth:
But the whole texture get scramled and look complete wrong.
At least removing all PBR stuff fixt the problem with autodesk fbx viewer to.
Now i need to think how i fixt things last time. Mabye i need to save the textures and reapply them where the trick.


Maybe this one:

file:///C:/Program Files/High Fidelity/scripts/developer/utilities/render/debugDeferredLighting.js

A Guide to Building in High Fidelity for Second Life users

The debugFrame buffer is deprecated as some features of it have been moved. as Balpien mentioned, use deferredLighting instead as it has the same features, and even more.


Well, that new version really need a make over. i cannot read the text at all. WHo got that idea to put black text on dark background ?

That window is way to transparent to, and the text can better be white.
Anyway that object i got from blendswap and i try to figure out why it’s texture less. Not going better with that unreadable tool. Yes, on the forum it looks better then on my screen.

Well, i anyway not really see how this tool works. :open_mouth:
Need mabye a dive in the wiki. Nope, not any info on the wiki.

AM going to find the problem, i have at least the texture correct. now only the color.


Stand infront of a light back ground


Impossible mission when you need to look at the wrong object. Just bad UI design.


This is how most of the windows looked like when the for 20-year-old-eyes-only goth look was the rage. I’ve noticed a number of info-scripts have been cleaned up by making the window opaque and by increasing the contrast. Happy to see that happening.


Just a comment and reminder for the brown problem. i wrote it in my own docs.
Thanks to @Menithal. You need to change the roughness to fix this.

  • Roughness: The roughness (opposite of smoothness) of a surface, if 0 then surface is perfectly flat behaving like a mirror, if 1 then surface is infinitely rough. Roughness is the most important property of the material affecting the look of the specular highlight on the surface and the way it “spreads”. Very rough surface infinitely spread the highlight whereas smooth surface concentrate more and more the reflection highlight to the point of a perfect mirror. Roughness is the inverse of the “smouthness” or “glossiness” or “specularPower” used in legacy material model.