Default Chat App is coming soon


Dev build notes:

Release notes
Move chat app to run with default scripts
Fogbugz case 5153

Greeters and users in-world have asked for text chat to be a default application so that new users (especially those with audio challenges) are better able to troubleshoot quickly.

So people can choose to remove the chat app if they don’t want it, I’ve added it to the list of separate default scripts.

Test plan:
Launch a clean version of Interface. Ensure that chat is part of the default scripts and runs as such. Observe chat works as intended:

  • Tablet UI
  • HUD UI
  • After reloading scripts

Discussion on how best to do text chat

text chat wtf thats so last gen they will expect us to listen to vinyl next

i mean yaay much needed :slight_smile:


Vinyl is not so bad… especially compared with the modern codecs. :grin:


This is good news as a lot of people log in and can’t figure out how to communicate an issue they’re having and promptly log out and write HiFi off for good.


Oh that’s awesome! Might make it one step easier for a few of the new folk!