Default domain size ..?


Ok, silly question. because i forgot.
What’s the default size of a domain ? sofar i know it’s 1.6 mile = 2.57495 KM

But is it really 1.6x1.6 mile ?


16km x 16km x16km (which is approximately equal to a 10 Mile cube)

I believe it is exactly 16384x16384 x 16384
Which if compared to a 256m x256m SL sim,
16384m / 256 = 64
a domain would hold the footprint equivalent to 64x64= 4096 traditional 256m2 sims


OMG 16x16km :open_mouth:

I better start building :smile:


Yeah, I could build a really, really HUGE TARDIS interior on my domain when I eventually get one. That is assuming, of course, that some outfits like Hands of Omega or Novatech migrate over to HiFi once we come out of beta. I’d probably buy every cotton pickin’ TARDIS add on room they make, then go hog wild laying down corridors and rooms going all across the domain and going multiple storeys tall.

But one thing I do wonder, about that 16384x16384x16384 cube… what happens when you fetch up against one of the far edges of that space? Do you bounce off the outer boundary of it, or do you keep on going?


Entities cannot be built outside of those constraints. Avatars, however, can fly past the boundaries. Iliken it to the similar behavior in SL-syle grids when avatars fly above the simulation height limit.


Okay, what about vehicles? What happens if I fly a shuttlecraft too close to the boundaries? Does IT bounce off the insides of the cube space, or does it keep on going like an av would?


I would imagine that the vehicle, being an entity, would stop at the boundary. I haven’t tried that. You should try it out and see. Go to the sandbox domain, make a simple slab vehicle, add a script to move it. Or make a cube entity, make it physical toss it toward the boundaries.