Default Output Buffer Sound Setting Causes Stuttering Audio


Audio Buffer has to be changed 3 to 9 to fix issue.

Specifically this seems to occur on Asus Essence STX. But may appear on other Sound setups as well as well.


In case anyone missed my comments, during the meeting, a huge swath of the United States internet trunk was bogged down. ATT, Century Link, Level3, Sprint had >300ms latencies with 50% packet drops. It’s quite difficult to do UDP VOIP style audio cleanly under those high loss circumstances.


Uuuuughhhh… I guess that explains my troubles. I’m on AT&T Uverse. oO


As a side note, this occurs quite often for me in any server*


The transatlantic latency plus side trip to the NSA introduces higher latencies. What I do not understand is why the audio system, being adaptive, is not adjusting buffer counts based on latency measurements. Is it a bug?