defaultScrips.js is loading very slow


defaultScrips.js is loading very slow, it takes a long time before editVoxels.js is started and the icons appear on my screen. Need to say amazon is anyway not a really fast service. the interface.exe downloads are always pretty slow, sometimes stalling. i think the top download i get is around a low 2.3MB/s

With defaultScrips.js you really see the voxel color selecter appearing oin the screen. Looks like script execution is very slow.

But that dont explain why since today, or since build 1243 defaultScrips.js is loading slow. ARe more heaving this problem ?


Subjectively, things seemed much slower for me today


Just downloaded build 1247 , it did not go faster as 113KB/s i know just stop the downlaod and restart it. after that it did jump to i think the max of 2.4MBs, i think thats the speeds amazon have limited everything. Not really fast, but fine. drawing the line to assets, then it would be good to have assets at both sides of the world.