Defaultscripts not loading


Changed few days ago, the web based scripts to local scripts. And just updated high fidelity to 4610 started things. and…

There’s something good wrong. the file path get changed !

What is file:/// doing ? and why it cannot load my defaultscripts ? I
checked it, the file is still present. No scripts where loaded. I
could reload the scripts by going to the settings -> general and
then reload.

I changed the file path because it where wrong or changed with last update.
It seems to work now. H:/Program Files/High Fidelity/scripts/defaultScripts.js that seems to fix it for now.


That happened to me too, including the wrong font being used. I think one of the previous releases did not clean up properly. What I did was dump all my settings and start over. Problem fixed.


Want to add this here to, i started to change to local default scripts because this topic.

The file path in settings -> general where complete strang.

Desktop is very strange place for scripts. Desktop are for most people already a battlefield full with icons. (no mine only have 3)