DENIED! ~ Limitless Speech Recognition


But tell me oh great and powerful… uh, lion-esque-demi-god; why have you denied my Server Request? :smiley:
Seriously though, I tried this on my own domain and what I got in the log was:

[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.interface] Sending Limitless Audio Stream Request:  "Authorization: \r\nfs: 24000\r\n"
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.interface] Limitless Speech Server denied the request.
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.interface] Connection to Limitless Voice Server closed.
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] Finished Speaking
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] Finished Speaking
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] Finished Speaking
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] Finished Speaking
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] Finished Speaking
[06/27 18:11:55] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] Finished Speaking

Sad, because I took the time to make sure I correctly followed the wiki tutorial. Odd, same thing happened with Short Bow. :frowning: What good are examples that don’t function? I’m starting to struggle with what should be basic examples. @realMissLiviRose, @ctrlaltdavid

Has ANYONE gotten this to work since introducing it back in March?


@Alphaversiond I’ve not used the Limitless speech thing or tutorial.


Bummer. :frowning:

Can you tell me why I cannot use an atp:/ hosted model inside record.js? Then again, not sure if it’s the model or not. I’ll try the Captain Avatar. It’s the most consistent.


Thanks for raising this to my attention - it looks like the first part of the wiki is missing the: LimitlessSpeechRecognition.setAuthKey(“testKey”); in the tutorial and that might be why it’s denying the authentication request. AFAIK about the domain, the service should be detecting voice but there’s a bug that is making the NPC not play back.

Add the setAuthKey method with “testKey” before setting listening to true and see if that still has the denied request. I’m looking into the NPC playback issue, as I believe that’s separate from the non-authentication issue.


Can you post the response payload expected for JSON parsing? I’m still being denied…

[06/27 19:31:09] [DEBUG] [hifi.interface] Sending Limitless Audio Stream Request:  "Authorization: testKey\r\nfs: 24000\r\n"
[06/27 19:31:09] [DEBUG] [hifi.interface] Limitless Speech Server denied the request.
[06/27 19:31:09] [DEBUG] [hifi.interface] Connection to Limitless Voice Server closed.

//Using this code snippet...

this.enterEntity = function(entityID){
        print("Begin listening to voice");


Also, I just cleared the domain and reset the entire stack and it’s sending requests; and won’t stop…


Looks like they might have implemented that key thing now :o would we need to have our own key to access the service?


I can confirm the test key was functional when I tried using it earlier.


Oh phew that’s a relief!


Where do we setup the auth key? because I tried the limitless domain, and it no longer does seem to do anything. :S @Caitlyn / @MissLiviRose The tutorial also doesnt seem to cover this.

This is kinda fun to discover these sorts of issues when one gets around to testing a feature to perhaps intergrate it to something later. especially after a only a few months when a tutorial of it has been made and it being documented!


I have a script that I totally didn’t export from when there was a class all about the limitless system.

If I remember straight, that was asked about during the class, and it was mentioned that all High Fidelity based connections were given a free use for a certain period of time, where afterwards it’d be some kind of license thing (which is what the authkey was for). Anyhow, the authkey is normally entered as:


If the key is denied, it could mean that that previous thing I mentioned has occurred OR Limitless’s services were offline, which has happened before.


So I guess the question now is. Where do we get a licence? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)