Depth Vs Complexity, with video


I have a lot of time for the "Extra Credits"
Its a video series exploring game development and design, it looks and sounds cartoony but dont be fooled by its looks, I have found the series extremely meaningful and relevant, even to High Fidelity even though its not technically a game and doesnt have the usual challenge/decision/reward pathways generally found in games, it does fall into the exact same category due to its need to involve the player, and allow the player to be involved easily and readily and offer enough rewards to entice the user to return.
Also the video moves fast, and combined with goofy graphics makes it a very enjoyable watch, and carries tons of meaningful info brought by people who have obviously studied and experienced game development. It is crammed full of good oil and worth watching a couple of times.

This Video Nails Hifi’s problem (please don’t pretend there is no problem with user uptake and retention)
Massive complexity with little or zero rewards equals pointless hard work and users see no point in even stepping into the world if the entry level complexity is beyond them and the docs do little to support the users understanding of the platform.


Can we even say we have a ‘player’ in High Fidelity? I think this is key to retention and growth.

It’s a big ask for (insert 3d social platform startup company here) to leave it up to the community to create the experiences 100%. A fatal flaw in fact, this model worked once in Second Life and likely wont again.

I say enough gadgets and ‘handy scripts’ and bite the bullet to build some fun, consistently themed, narrative, game-ified content or bust basically. I have seen it literally 4 times now where the main company doesn’t actually build any real content or games, and while waiting for the community to somehow magically create experiences, market them and draw in a critical mass, company ends up running out of money or gets bought…

The community needs help to collaborate, seeing this type of creative work needs so many skillsets, its nearly impossible for one person to do everything it takes. If It is to be possible, certainly but the platform provider needs to create the context, build the frame so to speak.

I think we have a good tool in our hands to build some really incredible experiences, somehow there needs to be incentive for developers and artists to collaborate, as well as for new players to just ‘play’ and not even think about advanced building.



Mabye, but the screws are terrible, so the toolbox is pretty useless so far. And screws seems to get damage to. SO less tools from the toolbox fit.


You say it… Advanced Building.
What the user do in such virtual world? …Basically building something to serve its interest.

That’s a problem unless we can provide the user a decent way to do it easily. (This is where SL was a success… )

In a such level complexity to build things… People will depend lot from creators… and I doubt they will want to pay for everything. (This is where I think Sans… might hit a wall)

Or there is a Beginner Building way Or we need to increase the free sharing of then creation.


The point you miss is that, High Fidelity is not creating experiences themselves. They are creating tools and groundwork in order to create those experiences. Scripting and game mechanics of a “private” virtual world or server would be made by third parties.