Desktop tablet weirdness


I did noticed already with creating the wallet some problem. The HFC is going ove rmy name. !


Second problem, i wanted to teleport to other place to look at the create menu.

Now that does not look right, i cannot see what’s on the right side.
There’s no way to move or swipe it. If i do that in desktop mode i move the tablet.

Edit: Moving this out of bugs.
The design if this is wing in desktop mode. But it’s not a bug.

Seems you.need to click ON the picture and then move the mouse. and that you need o repeat over and over again.

I like t see the domains back on the directory webpage. Or redesign the tablet so in desktop mode you get a bug window with vertical scrollbar and more tile horizontal tat you the go down. like 4 x n rows.

Or t least replace the swipe fir a mousewheel function.

The current design in desktop mode is good to get RSI.