Dev build? Having problems with constant crashing (AMD R380)


Hello all, I really am trying to get this to work. Downloaded latest drivers, re-installed multiple times. Any time I rotate the view I get an instant crash.

I saw one user say they had a AMD R9 380 also and had no problems with the dev build.

Where can I download the dev build just to test? I don’t want to give up on HF!




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I strongly discourage use of the dev-download build. It is LESS STABLE than the official beta release, and is not guaranteed to be compatible with the domains running in public (like Playa, etc).

In fact, right now, it will not connect to any public domains, because it has protocol changes that are not compatible.

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Ok I understand that. What I will do is simply check to see if it crashes like the current official release does. I have tried 2 different sets of AMD Crimson drivers for my R9 380 and now am using the latest beta release from earlier this week.

My problem is the moment I right mouse click and world begins to rotate and I move via WASD, the program immediately crashes and asks me to send a report.

I’m a Vive owner and this is even using just keyboard/mouse. So I’m just trying to figure out why it’s crashing and saw another post where a user said he was having the same issue.

I’ll report back my findings :slight_smile: