Dev build issue: Not connected and edit permission problem


Hi everybody, first time for me here :slight_smile:

Everything runs fine with the official build of the interface but I have some issues with the dev build of hifi.
I am using Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1.
When I run the obtained interface.exe I can’t connect to any domain and even if I am in the sandbox when I hit the edit button I get this error

Furthermore if I debug the project in the output of Visual Studio I get this messages repeatedly

[DEBUG] [07/25 13:32:44] Sending connect request to domain-server at “
[DEBUG] [07/25 13:32:44] Including username signature in domain connect request.
[DEBUG] [07/25 13:32:44] Clearing the NodeList. Deleting all nodes in list.
[DEBUG] [07/25 13:32:44] Resetting current domain connection information.

I just want to debug the loading of a FBX but with this issue I can’t go on.
Any tips?
Thank you!


I managed to connect to my local host and there I can edit and debug. This is the right way to proceed?