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Hi, an associate of mine @jbond has brought to my attention via hifi-greeter that there is a current known issue with far-grab of an entity that is child to a parent.

He also asked and I’ll paraphrase, ‘…how can we escalate an issue…’ while qltm I mustered the response, ‘…well we don’t. we just b*tch and moan on the forums until something gets done about it…’

I’m not willing to invest what little time and finances I have to troubleshoot your engine for you. I want my ‘group’ to be the example of what can be accomplished here. We need direct access to your engineering team and we are willing to pay for that access. Currently we have a data driven combat engine that is unusable due to this bug. I will consult with the rest of my team; but I’m certain we all would be willing to share insider works in progress if only you’d give us the opportunity.

We are not a large silicon valley start up. We a small group of people in the mid-west. Winters are long here and we spend much of it indoors. Some of us concentrate on VR development because of that.


@Anshuman, @Jess, @philip


Just as a headups: The logic actually isnt in the engine, instead injected into it via the grab.js modules, especially
farTrigger.js / farActionGrabEntity.js control “everything related to far* actions”, and does the logic for triggering the events.

I think @ctrlaltdavid last pointed the issue with child entities and the far-grab asking about its behavior. Later on while someone in hifi had marked it resolved after the entire logic for the grab script among everything else was refactored back in September,/ November and was later closed. No comments were available on the thread. ( 7501)

Perhaps because no one has complained / answered. (then again, we dont have the users to upkeep the pitchforks and torches).

Perhaps it should be reopened? Could you describe the issue in question? Is it basically related to child entities, if grabbable moving compared to the parent regardless of the state of the parent?

that’s atleast what I can gather by looking the code which shows no indication on check the entity’s parent.


He was able to hookup far grab with the keyboard and not hand controllers, or something to that effect, thereby pointing at source as the issue.

I’ll ask him to chime in on the thread.


For me, far grabbing a parented entity, no matter the properties of grabbable or otherwise is impossible. Now that doesn’t mean the entity is not grabbable, if I get close to the entity, I can grab is with my other trigger. So it isn’t that i’s ungrabbable, it’s just not far grabbable with the laser system. We did some testing and unparenting the entity fixed all problems, but I need the entity to be parented so that doesn’t help too much. Any help would be appreciated.

Also important to mention, far grab is still triggered when using a mouse.


Hi AlphaVersionD
Did I hear you say developers? Of course we want input! We are in the process of setting up a full developer portal so that all of this becomes easier, but in the meantime we have a few options for you to talk to High Fidelity engineers that you might not be aware of.

First, you can email me at any time. I’m happy to pass information, chase down answers, set up times to talk to the teams involved in the issues you’re seeing, and generally be helpful. To that end, our developer relations team consists of engineers dedicated to helping people with exactly the things you’re talking about, and one of the best ways to reach us at the moment is in the hifi gitter channel: In addition to support engineers, many of our other engineers check and respond there. As other measures, there are the issues in github and the suggestions on worklist Those are viewed and assessed but we still need to improve communication around them and make sure developers know they’re being heard.

And now, in response to the actual issue that started this all- yeah, it’s not OK that the child-parent far grab isn’t working. It is a known issue that is still in progress of being fixed. Menithal correctly states that the fogbugz ticket for it got closed, but I’m sure there’s another one that has been opened as it’s been a topic of discussion and is very important to the product. I will find out more info and reply again once I know more. In addition to the handcontrollerGrab.js refactor, we also refactored quite a bit of the laser/pointer code so I think I know where to start looking for solutions, but please feel free to repro and email me log files as well. That will help us move even faster.