Developer menu some debug settings not displayed on the screen


Philip talked about it, but at the meeting it worked already not. tried a few of this options.
But i do not get any stats on myt screen , or the are in a terrible invisible color.

But the avatar collision shape is not showing anymore fopr me to, already did a reinstall of build 4466 witout much luck. The intressting part is that when the bounding box is enabled and you relog. i see it short on the screen and then dissapears.

Including the menu because a screenshot use the ALT key. it dissapears as soon the world start to load.


@Richardus.Raymaker use Developer > Stats to toggle stats display on/off, or press the “/” key. (Unfortunately, there are a number of shortcut keys that aren’t discoverable from the men items.)


I tried the / before. and i have now enabled everything. but not more data appears on the screen.


@Richardus.Raymaker If you click on the stats that are displayed it should toggle showing the extended stats you’ve enabled on/off.


Ohh, not really local. Now i see.