Development Roadmap, Q4 2014


At a high level, here are some big things we are working on this quarter. This is by no means set in stone or comprehensive, but is hopefully helpful in giving some guidance on what the internal High Fidelity team is working on now.

Improvements to entity systems / content to allow lots of mesh models to be added to a domain, some basic physics for fixed and moving entities, new and different types of entities. We’d like to be able to build great-looking content with interactive capabilities that are editable in real time. Improvements to lighting, scriptable moving models. Start looking into ‘voxelizing’ models at a distance somehow.

Terrain System allowing importing and creation of very large and/or real-world land areas, with live editability, detailed textures, and very long draw distances.

Avatar Physics and Interactions: ‘Rag Doll’ simulations, better walking/flying, grabbing, handshakes. Ways to move around and interact easily when using an Oculus. Keep working on avatar designs and facial animation.

‘Metaverse’ Systems: Services to register a place name and start a server with that name, browse a directory of places with thumbnails visible from inside client, ability to jump from one place to another quickly. Improved ‘Stack Manager’ to start up own servers. Tunneling work to get to servers behind firewalls.

Sample Content and Experiences: Continue recording avatars and building places that test what sort of things we can build. Make movies of the experience. Build some starter content that can deploy with a new domain server install.

Documentation: Sample tutorials on how to use the growing Javascript systems to build content, more general purpose instructions, examples.

Things we haven’t started on yet but intend to soon:

Permission systems: Starting with the basic ability to control who can edit things within a domain. Beyond that systems for charging in cryptocurrency for edits to spaces (we’ve done some work on this already). Then mechanisms for tagging content to validate that it was purchased.
Marketplace/listings:  We’ll start with basic ability to list things you’ve built in some fashion that allows you to share them with others.
Sharing servers with each other: Using the assignment marketplace to add servers to your domain, and contributing your own devices to simulate content for others.


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